De Berry's Treasure

Fruit, tangy, refreshing

Black raspberry and rhubarb gose • 4.5% alc/vol

X marks the spot for De Berry’s Treasure, a refreshing gose brewed with bountiful amounts of organic black raspberries and organic rhubarb. Named for 17th century pirate captain Charlotte de Berry, De Berry’s Treasure was originally conceived and brewed in 2016 by women at Beau’s for a “Women of Beer” event hosted by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies.

Gose is a German beer style that originated in and around the Saxon town of Leipzig. The saltiness, which typifies the style, is attributable to the mineral-rich aquifers that supplied the water for brew houses in the region. Fruits like black raspberries and rhubarb complement the natural attributes of a gose. The label artwork features a skull and crossbones design made of the beer’s ingredients – raspberry and rhubarb – as a nod to traditional “Jolly Roger” pirate flags.

De Berry's Treasure pours bright alizarin with white foam and a slight haze. The aroma is fruity, combining berry and rhubarb notes. This light-bodied beer has tangy flavour. The finish is clean with a subtle salt linge

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