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Lagered Ale • 5.2% alc/vol
Available year-round, Lug-Tread is our award winning, flagship beer. Golden-hued, crisp and finely balanced, Lug-Tread is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged (like a lager) for a lengthy period. This gives our beer some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness. Lug-Tread displays interwoven malt and hop flavours, subtle fruit flavours and a crisp, lingering finish.

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Lug-Tread Cans

Lagered Ale • 5.2% alc/vol
Available year-round, Lug-Tread is our award winning, flagship beer. Golden-hued, crisp and finely balanced, Lug-Tread is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged (like a lager) for a lengthy period. This gives our beer some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness. Lug-Tread displays interwoven malt and hop flavours, subtle fruit flavours and a crisp, lingering finish.

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Full Time I.P.A.

I.P.A. • 6.7% alc/vol
An aromatic I.P.A. in the contemporary West Coast style. Big tropical fruit gives way to pine, courtesy of American and New Zealand organic hop varieties. With its bold flavours and balanced bitterness, you’ll want to save a permanent spot for Full Time I.P.A. in the beer fridge of your heart.

Full Time I.P.A. pours hazy deep gold with a dense white foam. Aromas of citrus, tropical fruit and pine abound. The flavour mirrors the aroma impressions with pronounced juicy fruit. A balanced bitterness underpins the flavour. This medium bodied ale finishes dry with lingering hop and fruit notes.

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Tom Green Summer Stout

Blonde Milk Stout • 5.0% alc/vol
The Tom Green Beer milk stout is going blonde for the summer! Tom Green Summer Stout is made with organic fairtrade coffee and cacao nibs for roasty and rich accents in a sun-kissed blonde edition of our award-winning milk stout.

Tom Green Summer Stout pours clear yellow with white foam. Coffee and cacao provide aroma. The mocha flavour notes are supplemented by subtle berry nuances. The finish is mildly sweet and lingering.

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Kissmeyer: Nordic Pale Ale

B-Side Brewing Label
Kissmeyer Beer • 5.6% alc/vol
Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale is an imaginative interpretation of the Pale Ale style and features a unique northern-inspired medley of ingredients. Sweet Gale, Yarrow, Dried Heather Flowers, Rose Hips, and Cranberries comprise its balanced fruit-and-herb bouquet, while a Maple-Syrup addition rounds out the complex character of the beer. The Nordic pale ale features intricate herbal nuance, moderate hop presence, pleasant dryness, and a crisp finish.
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Infinity Mirror

BRETT I.P.A. • 6.5% ABV

"Ripe, Tropical, Funk"

Halcyon Barrel House is a new branch on the Beau's family tree. New world brewing, patiently rooted in the old world traditions of mixed fermentation and aging in wood barrels, and bottle or keg conditioning. 

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The Beau's Mix: Summer 2017

Mix Pack (4 x 600ml Bottles)
The Summer Mix includes Beau’s crisp and refreshing Lug Tread Lagered Ale, along with 3 other interesting, tasty beers we think you’ll enjoy too. A fun variety to sample or share with friends, all in one handy-dandy box!

Each mix pack contains one bottle each of Lug Tread Lagered Ale, Full Time I.P.A., Buenos Dias, and Wag the Wolf.

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Buenos Dias

Gruit Series
Gruit Ale • 4.5% alc/vol

 Buenos Dias is a gruit ale brewed with organic lime juice, organic orange and lime peel, and sea salt. The zippy lime flavour is accented with a lick of salt. Kick back and enjoy the zest of a classic Margarita in each refreshing sip!

Buenos Dias pours light yellow with a slight haze and white foam. The aroma offers pronounced citrus notes with subtle coriander undercurrents. Zippy lime flavour is accented with a wicking salt edge in the mouthfeel. The finish is quick, clean and dry.

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Bog Water

Gruit Series
Gruit Ale • 6.6% alc/vol
Bog Water gruit is brewed with hand-harvested organic bog myrtle (a deciduous shrub native to Northern Ontario and Québec.) The bog myrtle contributes a sweet aroma, balanced bitterness, and herbal, spicy notes suggestive of a digestif. A Belgian yeast profile makes Bog Water a very complex and contemplative winter ale.

Beau’s Gruit Series takes inspiration from centuries-old brewing tradition; a time before the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516 that declared that all beer be made solely with barley, hops, and water. In gruit ale, herbs, spices and other botanicals replace a dominant hop character, throwing open the door to experimentation. Each gruit in this series will have a unique combination of ingredients and flavours.

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Wag the Wolf

Wild Oats No. 31
Hopfenweisse • 6.8% alc/vol
Wag the Wolf is a weissbier (wheat beer) that has been generously “late-addition” hopped with organic New Zealand varieties to provide abundant aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. Fermented with a traditional Hefeweizen yeast, expect pleasant fruit and spice flavours with a restrained bitterness on the finish.

Hazy and pale gold in colour. Notes of banana, clove, papaya, mango and citrus on the nose. Lively carbonation with pleasant maltiness. Spicy and fruity, with a slightly dry finish.

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Batch 5000

Batch 5000 • 7% alc/vol
Pewter Label

Batch 5000 commemorates a very special moment in our brewing history, the official five-thousandth batch of Beau's beer. This limited-edition beer was created to say "Cheers!" to Beau's 10th Birthday. Raise a glass and help us celebrate 10 great years!

Our "Wild Ontario" version is made with Ontario wheat, all Ontario hops, and wild yeast from Ontario's Escarpment Labs. Consider this beer "Yours to Discover!"

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Dark Helmüt

Wild Oats No. 23
Imperious Schwarzbier • 7.3% alc/vol
Dark Helmüt is an extra-strong version of a German black lager. It displays a mellow roasted character that is juxtaposed with the enjoyable lager crispness. We first brewed this beer in 2012 for our annual Vankleek Hill Oktoberfest, and it was a huge hit with festival goers! The recipe for Dark Helmüt was designed by Beau’s brew team member Kevin James.
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Farm Table: Saison

Farm Table Series
Saison • 4.7% alc/vol
Beau’s Farm Table Series are sessionable beers inspired by tradition and brewed true to a classic style. With snappy spice and a brisk finish, Saison is a refreshingly sippable farmhouse ale.

Saison pours slightly hazy pale yellow with a dense white foam. Aromas of tropical fruit such as pineapple intermingle with white pepper and classic farmhouse character. Peppery and fruity intonations punctuate the flavour. The finish is is brisk and lively.

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Barrel Aged "Bride of Fronkensteen"

Barrel Aged • 8.7% alc/vol

Bride of Fronkensteen is a complex and well-aged blend - six different beers of various ages and pedigrees come together to create a tapestry of taste in this 8.7% monster ... that you can't help but love.

The blend pours dark brown with a white foam. Aromas of black currant, licorice and wine are evident. The flavour consists of baker's chocolate, dried fruit and offers gentle warmth. The finish is lightly tannic and fruity.

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Barrel Aged "Silver Fern"

Barrel Aged • 6.3% alc/vol

Silver Fern spent four months in white white barrels in the making of this Greener Futures release - it is a barrel-accented edition of Koru, a Belgian-style pale ale released earlier this year. Silver Fern pours dark gold with a tight white foam. Tropical and lemony aromas are evident, along with vinous and oaky notes. While fruity flavours such as gooseberry are dominant, there are also sherry-like notes with undercurrents of almond and hazelnut. Tannins serve to provide a dry finish.

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Polaris Pale Ale

Pale ale  • 5.0% alc/vol
Polaris Pale Ale is brewed with wild-harvested spruce tips, Québec-grown hops and Ontario wheat. This inspired, tasty beer was brewed by Beau's to honour all the deserving artists and albums nominated for the 2016 Polaris Music Prize, and offer a tip of the hat to this uniquely Canadian reward for artistic merit. 

Pours a light orange with a frothy white head. The predominantly woodland aroma of spruce also offers subtle notes of citrusy hops. The flavour is mildly peppery and zesty spruce is echoed here too, a medium malt backbone holds it all in place. The finish is clean and snappy.

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